Labour on Tax Cuts

The PM says

Helen Clark says tax cuts will help alleviate money issues for families

Prime Minister Helen Clark says tax cuts to be announced in next month’s budget will deliver timely relief for families, and she doesn’t think GST will be removed on food.

(I expect that’s the last time that photographer will be allowed near the Clarkvader!)

Jordon however, didn’t get that memo…

…The other is saying, actually we can’t cut it in the world, and the only way to improve our incomes is to slice away at the public sector, to give a small, short term boost to people’s pockets.

One of the most important debates this year is to work out how best to boost wages, so incomes can grow and New Zealand can be more successful. Tax cuts aren’t really at the core of that debate.

Oops. I guess there’ll be shortly a post explaining that a “small, short term boost to people’s pockets” is not a bad thing…

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