Scalia not “polarizing figure”

I posted a link to part of this interview earlier.

Trouble with falsely painting a guy as the devil incarnate is that that is easily proven false. I bet a lot of lefties are re-examining their sources after seeing in his interview just how much of a nice guy he really is.

In her two-part profile of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia aired on Sunday night’s 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl seemed repeatedly surprised by how Scalia in person isn’t the “polarizing figure” who protesters call a “fascist,” as she conceded: “What’s interesting is the difference between how you appear in person and the image that you have. Because the writings are so often combative, and your friends say that you’re charming and fun.” In short, Scalia really does not match the left-wing characterization of him adopted by Stahl’s media colleagues.

Stahl began the second segment, on Scalia’s childhood in New York, his wife and kids and his future, by acknowledging, “In spending time with him, we found something we hadn’t expected: a person so unpretentious and down to earth, you could easily forget he sits on the Supreme Court.”

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