Socialist “Care” Showing it’s True Colours

NRT doesn’t get it. Socialists don’t care, they just take money from those they deem rich, and give to those they want votes off. Then they call that caring.

But it’s not more caring than feeding children lollies every day of their lives.

Even more obscene is that Labour, the party that is supposed to care, has done nothing about this. All their policy interventions – Working For Families, the engineered labour shortage, raising the minimum wage – have excluded beneficiaries. While those programmes have done wonders for the working poor, for those on unemployment benefits, and those easily able to take on work, beneficiaries with children, with illnesses or disabilities have been left behind. And these make up the majority (and certainly account for the majority of children dependent on benefits – the Herald has the stats in passing here). Those 150,000 beneficiary children in poverty? They’re still there, after nine years of a Labour government. They have simply been left behind.

Here that Helen? That’s what your supporters are saying.


  1. It’s a good job too. If all you needed to get ahead was to go on the dole then it would be pretty sad situation.

    Welfare is meagre to encourage people to work. So if you are on welfare then you are in poverty. Policies to reduce poverty need to concentrate on getting people off welfare and into paid employment with prospects!

  2. @the optimist..,

    I completely agree with you on this. Its not just enough to be empathetic and pour in money for the under-privileged, it requires much more than that..!
    Creating employment and other income opportunity is the prime solution… if we are looking towards a long term solution on this issue.

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