Spit the Dummy over This

Last year, Idiot/Savant spat the dummy and turned off comments after posting this.

Yesterday in the House, National MP Jonathan Coleman Nick Smith abused Judith Tizard by implying she was a witch and telling her to get back on her “broomstick”. For those like DPF who seem to be having a problem understanding why this is so offensive, here’s a hint: “witch” is the traditional term for an uppity woman. It is thus a denigration purely on the basis of gender, the misogynist’s equivalent of the racist’s “nigger” or the homophobe’s “faggot” (which DPF’s spiritual kin likewise attempted to defend by attacking those who objected to their use as “thin skinned”). Civilised people don’t use such terms today – but then, we already knew Coleman wasn’t civilised, didn’t we?

For those who still don’t understand, just turn it around. How would DPF and his misogynist commenters react if male MPs were routinely abused by being referred to as “rapists”? They’d be squealing. The hypocrisy – and misogyny – couldn’t be any clearer.

Correction: As DPF points out in the comments, initial reports that it was Jonathan Coleman were incorrect. In fact, it was Nick Smith (who I’d have thought would know better).

Now, we all know that’s stupid, and the remarks made by several people disagreeing with IS caused him to turn off the critics permanently.

But there’s a funny thing I found in a certain recent book

Yes, that is the very Judith Tizard who complained so bitterly about the implication she might use a broomstick for transport. The very one. Yes, that is her, hitting a witch on a broomstick. Yes, she named it Ruth Richardson without the slightest hesitation.

Funny how she isn’t upset at all in the video. In fact, she looks decidedly relaxed, totally at ease. Almost as though she didn’t care about any woman being called a witch.


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