Zimbabwe – Second Round Delayed, Scrubone’s Predictions

Talk about transparent.

He said that instead of 21 days, Zec now had 90 days from the day the results were announced on 2 May to hold the vote.

This means the election should now take place on, or before, 31 July.

The MDC has always demanded that the poll take place within the originally mandated time frame.

But Zec Chairman George Chiweshe told the BBC News website that the previous deadline of 23 May left “insufficient time” for preparations.

Preparations. Yea Right.

Mugabe is not going to give up power. He’s already delayed the second round by weeks, (voting remember was on 29 March) and by the time of this new round, he’ll have bought himself an extra 4 months.

Delays on top of that will dissipate the tension in the populace, there’ll be “delays” (I’d also bet that they won’t be posting the results at many polling stations, in breach of the law that helped the opposition last time) in counting the vote and before you know it, Mugabe will have the best part of another year under his belt.

My guess is that he’ll dismiss the new parliament and schedule new elections under some sort of “emergency” provision and/or arrest Tsvangirai. The new parliamentary elections will be declared invalid, and Mugabe will just “forget” to schedule new ones or keep dismissing those elected and just rule the country himself until he dies.

Suffice to say, this guy isn’t going to give up power, not easily, not at all.

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