Irony – The Left Does it Best

Poneke has given up blogging. Pity – he was a good writer.

But NRT’s comments on it are rather amusing, considering the source.

And so the sewer (who had been turning up recently and leaving their usual turds around, and reacted particularly nastily to Poneke’s recent pieces criticising them) bullies another intelligent, articulate voice into silence. It’s a great loss to the NZ blogosphere, and to our hopes of becoming something better.

This from a guy who calls those who he disagrees with racist, fascist and Nazis on a regular basis. and that’s just for starters. Did I mention misogynistic? Don’t think he reserves his barbs for the right only, he’s also been known to throw turds (to use his terminology) at sections of the left he disagrees with.

Not exactly a position from which to claim moral authority.

As for partisanship, whatever I thought of Poneke’s opinions, one thing that was clear was that they were actually his, rather than being grabbed verbatim from some party’s daily talking points. Like me, he was fighting for his own “team”, not someone else’s (to the extent he was fighting at all, rather than merely making cynical observations). Unfortunately, for some in the blogosphere, any failure to toe their party line makes you a toady and a hack. If you’re not with them all the way, you’re against them – a “partisan” for the other side who must be beaten into silence. And sadly, they’ve won again.

Again, this is the guy who shut down debate on his site because he didn’t like common sense being explained to him. The Labour MP who’s party like he was trotting out turned out to be a complete hypocrite who is quite willing to dish out the very same insult explicitly that she found so very, very offensive when merely used implicitly.

I have to admit, I haven’t followed all the poo flinging. That’s mostly because Poneke deleted the post in question. I don’t approve of the way certain blogs work, but I choose to do that by trying to run my own blog to a higher standard. I leave it to my readers to make their own judgment on whether I succeed.

Update: Adolf nails it on WOBH

I can’t say that I’m surprised. When he started off he made that fateful error. The big giveaway. “I’m a non-partisan………” Inevitably that means a bias to the left. The clincher was the cowardly removal of a post and comment thread in which he came under attack. All characteristics of the left…

Indeed. Not that the right is perfect, but were far more tolerant of criticism generally.


  1. It’s a bit of a case of “diddums”. If Savant wants to see the sewer, I could email a couple of comments we decided to delete from our blog that were off topic, abusive, violent, and threatening.

    I think he tries to imply the sewer is in the realm of the right. It isn’t. It’s in the realm of a selection of commenters across all spectrums. A bit of blog moderation is unfortunately required, but total capitulation sounds like a bit of a cop out to me.

  2. Are you really suprised about I//S’s hypocrisy?,or anyone else from the left for that matter?.

    In calling thoes to whom he disagrees ‘facists’ etc, I/S is displaying his own far-left programming, in a way he is to be pitied.

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