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Kahui Let Off

…and they’re not charging the mother either.

It’s clear that there was not enough certainty for either one to go down for the murder. Chris was clearly the best fit, but there was too much doubt about the role of the mother, Macsyna King.

However there is ample evidence to convict both of more “minor” crimes related to child abuse and neglect. It’s crystal clear that multiple people were involved in this household who didn’t care in the slightest for their legal and moral obligations to these children. It is simply wrong that they can all walk away from such a horrific crime.

Start the paperwork, I say.

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  1. my thoughts exactly.

    As for the family, regardless of who did it and who didnt, as a human being how can anyone tolerate and ignore abuse within the family.. let alone refuse to speak out about it, especially when the victims are two defenseless 3 month old baby boys. There is obviously a history of abuse/neglect some where along the lines, taking into consideration that Macsyna King had abandoned her 3 other children.

    They should all be ashamed.

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