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No Right Turn opens up on National over their calling Labour’s education spending “pork”.

…according to the right, education – a core function of government which provides the basis of opportunity to every New Zealander – is “pork”. Meanwhile, promising additional funding for private schools – an explicit state subsidy to private enterprise and the rich’s social snobbery – is just fine and dandy. The hypocrisy is both obvious and deeply revealing, both of National’s attitude toward the purpose of government (enriching their mates by looting the state), and the utter contempt the party of the few have for the rest of us.

Sadly, his credibility is shot to bits the second one looks at what National actually said.

“This Labour Government has had almost nine years to ease the financial concerns of parents who are increasingly digging into their pockets to fund their children’s free education.

“For nine years Labour has been stuffing its educational ministries with bureaucrats while frontline funding for schools has become ever more stretched.

“If Labour was that concerned about funding schools it would have been using the billions it already throws at education every year in our schools, not in ministries in Wellington.

“But nothing happens until it is only months from an election and Labour is in serious danger of political oblivion.

“And then Chris Carter makes a pre-Budget announcement of $171 million in extra operational funding for schools while he’s at Matipo School in his own electorate, Te Atatu.

In other words, it’s not the money, but the fact that Labour waited until they are on the ropes to allocated it, even while it was desperatly needed. No one has a problem with this money being allocated, the issue is solely with the timing.

By the way, I find it deeply disturbing that anyone would describe education as “a core function of government which provides the basis of opportunity to every New Zealander”.

Education is the responsibility of the individual, and extends vastly beyond anything that any one institution can provide. Depending on the government to tell you what to think (which is what state education is swiftly becoming) is a sure path towards totalitarianism.

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