9/11 Moonbats – A missile hit WTC-2

Good grief, there are now people who honestly believe that a missile hit WTC-2.

What evidence do they have? Why, camera angles that don’t show a plane! And I thought it was established that Kyle from South Park was responsible for 9/11. Shows how much I know.

But on a lighter note, here’s someone willing to make fun of these idiots.

Consider this your Saturday Night Humour video.

HT, No Minister.

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  1. Hey ——- there just so happens to be a lot of evidence to support this claim. Do a little research before you start running your mouth.

    [As “Mike” feels fit to abuse with foul language and fails to link to sources to back up his claims, here’s his full details.

    Author : Mike (IP: , E-mail : m.riskman31@gmail.com]

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