“Bare Majority”

In New Zealand, we’ve got the Herald telling us that smacking is an issue the public want to forget about, in spite of 70%+ opposing the law, still, and a massive petition.

In the states, they have a similar problem, only it’s with Gay Marriage and the paper is… who else? The LA Times!

Wow. With language like “slimly reject,” “narrowly reject,” “small margin,” and “bare majorities,” this sounds like a real photo finish. Let’s look at the body of the story, to see how narrowly the anti-gay marriage forces are barely squeaking past the opposition.

It turns out that the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage is “was leading 54% to 35% among registered voters.

Jeez. Only a 19-point difference! That’s certainly a “small margin”! You can’t reject gay marriage more “narrowly” than that!

I think they mean that Californians, who are slim, are rejecting gay marriage by a large margin. Hence, slimly rejecting!

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