South Vietnamese Murders

No Right Turn demands that the government not just apologises to the veterans it mistreated, but also to the Vietnam.

I didn’t expect to say this, but Tariana Turia is right. The government’s apology to Vietnam veterans today does not go far enough. In addition to apologising to those poisoned by American chemicals and then denied proper care by successive governments, we should also be apologising to Vietnam. Vietnam was an unjust war, fought for America’s imperial aggrandisement. It caused the deaths of over a million North Vietnamese soldiers and two million civilians – over 10% of the North Vietnamese population. We should not have participated, and that fact needs to be formally acknowledged.

One can not agree enough that the Vietnam war (or the “American War” as it’s known locally, the war before that was the “French War”) was unjust. I am quite sure that a great number of North Vietnamese died.

But I wonder how many people in South Vietnam died? You know, South Vietnam, the country that was invaded.  The country that the US came to the defense of. Sort of like the Kuwait of the Gulf/Iraq wars.

Yes, the Vietnamese deserve an apology. They deserve an apology from the west for the west’s failure to be whole-hearted in defending free people in the face of tyranny. They deserve an apology for western leaders listening to people so obsessed with the terrible nature of war that they’d rather have massacres of innocent unarmed people instead.

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