It came from India (the attitude that is)

Well, it hasn’t made much news here (not that I’ve taken much notice) but an Indian couple have given birth (well, the woman did) to twins in England then decided that they’d not bother with them since they were girls.

Disgusting. Can someone explain to me why feminists go off at Christians instead of people like this?

Because this is the ultimate end of abortion – children can be disposed of if inconvenient. Fact is the most radical feminists don’t believe that the right to kill a child ends at birth. I suppose we should then give this couple kudos because they actually let the kids live.

Accusations of an elderly British Indian couple abandoning their IVF twins because they were girls may have shocked Britain but it barely raises an eyebrow in India.

Such is the traditional stigma against female children here that female infanticide and foeticide are commonplace — even among the relatively affluent urban middle classes.

Fertility treatment is also completely unregulated in India, allowing growing numbers of foreigners and non-resident Indians to skirt their own laws — and pay a fraction of the price back home.

So it comes as no surprise that the couple accused of abandoning their twins had undergone IVF treatment in India after being turned down in Britain because they were too old.

If that’s not to your taste, you can read Jeremy Clarkson talking about how the Japanese “steam clean their nether regions”.

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