Ha ha – now that’s just funny

Jordan wants to discuss this scenario.

Counting late into the night showed a Labour Party result of 39.2% and 47 seats, behind the National Party’s 43.6% and 52 seats. The Greens received 5.5% of the vote, winning seven seats, and New Zealand First scored 5.2% and six seats, with Winston Peters making a remarkable comeback in Tauranga, winning his old stamping ground by 2,400 votes on election night numbers. …

In the parliament of 120 seats, the centre-right held 54 seats. The centre-left held 60 seats, with the remaining seats held by New Zealand First.

Helen Clark fronted the media from her house in Mt Albert this afternoon, having spent the morning forming agreements for a Labour-Progressive-Maori Party-Greens minority coalition government (with 60 seats) supported on confidence and supply issues by Winston Peters’ New Zealand First caucus. Winston Peters would continue as Foreign Minister, Helen Clark said.

Now that’s so wishful it’s funny. A 4.4% gap when the most favourable are showing 15%, and the worst 27%? Is he seriously suggesting that minor parties would go against the most popular opposition leader of all time, to prop up a fading Labour? Does Jordan remember that National almost stitched up a collation last election, only foiled by New Zealand first? Does he remember that it was Jim Anderton who gave Bolger confidence and supply in 1993?

But this is important – the left are now acknowledging that Labour is a long way off any hope of winning. Because even with two almost impossible events into the mix (small gap and small parties willing to support less popular large party), they’ve still only on a knife edge in this scenario.

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  1. Well, to entertain himself, he could discuss just how tough the Greens might negotiate this time around to make sure they are the tail that wags the dog.

    What will that cost be, and how will the other minor parties take that?

    I think in the above scenario, the other consideration would be how many months before it all crumbles and NZ goes back to the booths this time to do the job properly.

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