Obama Wins

Obama has declared himself the Democratic candidate.

If I think of this like the Democrats do, it feels good. You’ve got a guy who’s well-spoken and against Iraq. If you look at the sexist/racist quandary, it’s always better to be sexist than racist. And let’s fact it, if Hillary was the first woman, it’s a poor look to have been in the West Wing for 8 years previously.

(For those that don’t know, First Ladies usually take an office in the East Wing, but not Hillary.)

Of course, I’m on the right, so I support candidates who are good candidates regardless of their gender or skin colour. Frankly, they’re both total crap. Hillary is a power-hungry schemer who’s calculated her way to the top, and Obama spent 20 years supporting racists, not to mention his other dubious friends he’s had to remove from his web site over the last few months. Found a great post on that here.

Looks like Hillary is now defeated. I had to laugh at the cheering when she said she wasn’t going to decide today what to do. Odd sort of thing to cheer so enthusiastically, putting off a decision!

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