“Red Russel” to Join Parliament

I agree with The Hive on this one.

We are not as outraged as David Farrar or Adam Smith. We want Russel Norman’s views exposed to all as clearly as possible. When people realise where this guy is trying to take the Greens they might think twice about the wisdom of voting them back in. We hope also that the media do some thorough work on what drives our newest MP to be.

Reading some of the stuff that Russel Norman has posted on Frog Blog has been very entertaining. The guy has issues, far bigger issues than the usual “Bush Lied” crap – he’s outright dangerous.

The more we hear from him, the better.

Heh, also should point out the “center” Hive using the word “neo-Marxist”. And they wonder why we on the right embrace them! 😉
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