Wife of Mugabe rival burned alive after having feet hacked off

Yes, that’s the original title – can’t really improve on it.

This is what happens when your main campaign tatics is to give thugs a blank cheque.

The three men who pulled up outside her house were looking for her husband, who was in Harare, and left before coming back an hour later to kill her.

Her body was so badly burnt that she was not able to be properly placed in a coffin as her arm was burnt rigid.

Last Friday’s killingĀ  was carried out as violence worsens in the run-off presidential elections in two weeks time.

It also follows the chilling brutality methods of Sirrra Leone rebel leader Foday Sankoh, whose trade-mark was to chop off hands and feet.

According to The Times, Mrs Chipiro, 45, a former pre-school teacher, was the second wife of a junior official of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) burnt alive by Zanu (PF) militiamen.


  1. How could you as black politicians allow your country to be ruined. I am ashamed that blacks could treat other blacks so inhumane. Freedom should be measured as the right of every citizen to have adequate food, clothing , shelter and access to free education. You are pushing your country 25 yrs in the past.

    I am a black Barbadian the descendent of slaves here in the Caribbean I wish to inform you all that the world is watching and history will judge you harshly. We as caribbean people drew strength from the progress of Zimbabwe but you have all let us down with this oppression of free speech and political violence. Violence against man or animal is wrong and even worst when it is black against black.

    I called the police headquarters in Zimbabwe tonite to let them know that the world is watching.
    Who ever is responsible for crimes against humanity be it a police or soldier must be made aware that they will be brought to trial in the Hague for crimes against humanity.

    We will reap what we sow and nothing under the sun is for ever even the drought comes to and end despite how severe it is.

    Concerned Black Caribbean Slave Descendent

  2. Those men must be brought to trial in the hague for crimes against humanity and be hanged . The may be illiterate so the message needs to be sent to them.

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