Ban those bulbs

I was driving to work 2 days ago, and suddenly what was news sounded like it came from some sort of parallel dimension.

They announced the government was going to ban conventional light bulbs. What I still can’t get over is that they spoke of this as though it were the most routine thing in the world.

Worse yet, they showed not the slightest concern when it was revealed that this massive intrusion into consumer’s choices needed no law change.

Of course, as with all goverment actions of the “totally immoral” sort, the Green party is behind it.

95% of the light produced in my house is produced by compact fluorescents. I’ve been gradually installing them as a cost-saving measure over the last few years.

Note I said “light produced” – I have a large number of bulbs that are infrequently used that are still incandescent. I replaced one on Monday in the bathroom. I had decided to change it back, as most things I do in there are completed before the light warms up. Now it seems that I have no choice but to keep it in place.

I also have no choice but to put these lights outside, where we have several rarely used fittings where the lights are more likely to be broken than blown. Instead of paying maybe $5 to replace the lot, it’s now going to cost me many times that, and I will not get any value whatsoever from that. Worse, it is likely to lead to environmental contamination from the mercury these bulbs hold. It looks like I’ll have to keep the bulbs inside, and only put them in place when I need to use the space – so no more just flicking on the switch for a few minutes.

In short, this decision will cost me money and be bad for the environment. I’ve made the decision for my house based on my needs that I will place these bulbs where they will do good. Apparently that decision, based on my analysis is wrong, and some idiot in Wellington knows better.

Worse, Jeanette Fitzsimons completely glossed over the risks these bulbs pose. I wonder how many people listening had seen the same news item I saw, where even the gloves used in the cleanup were thrown out. Jeanette never mentioned that.

(Note to self: don’t get environmental cleanup advice from Green Party if want to stay alive/healthy)

I mocked this decision months ago when California proposed this. I never imagined that something so supid would ever be proposed, let alone implemented in this country. (Mind you, there’s the smacking ban!)

I certainly didn’t expect it to come out of the blue one morning on my way to work, as a done deal not needing parliament’s signature.

At least they could have sounded a little shocked.


  1. Watt the??

    The government gives itself more reasons to make more legislation to fix more problems that create new problems that require more legislation to account for the exceptions that led to the government giving itself more reasons to get more people so they can advise of more ways to make more legislation to control our lives.

    Pass me the politician dimmer switch.

  2. It does show remarkable stupidity. I think the problem with the government is that they really do think it is their job to run our lives. We are silly little chickens running around who need to be heared into the right place.

    Until that view is challenged and put to bed, we are going to have to put up with a bunch of people with no common sense making laws supported by a tiny minority.

    If we could get the environmentalists our of government, it would certainly help.

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