Now that is Sick – “McCain was living off the Vietnamese taxpayer.”

From our civilised friends on the left – Huffington Post to be exact.

Wait, except for those years as a POW. A sick but undeniable fact about John McCain: The only period in his life when he wasn’t living off the American taxpayer, he was living off the Vietnamese taxpayer.

Classy, oh so classy.

HT: Stop the ACLU, who comments:

Finally, to really show just how depraved not only the author of this post is, but also the entire Huffington Post, be sure to check out the response to this piece. I didn’t read all of the comments, but I didn’t see one that decried this smearing of McCain. It’s interesting that they aren’t willing to attack McCain on policy differences or on the issues. They have to resort to crap like this, usually because they have no other platform to stand on. I may not agree with everything that McCain stands for, but at least the American people know what he stands for, something that they can’t usually say about the Obamamessiah.

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