Tsvangirai Out

As we all know by now, Morgan Tsvangirai has pulled out of the Zimbabwe Presidential run-off.

A very hard decision indeed. One is glad not to be those shoes.

I was reading the coverage just now, and it made me realise how many people would arrive at the polls and have to put their life on the line to vote for the MDC, either immediately or by starvation. With that sort of pressure, it’s possible that Mugabe might actually get more votes.

And there’s a significant risk that that’s what would be remembered. After all, how often even now do people talk about how he rigged the last few elections? They don’t. (Think also of how many call the MDC the “opposition” when they have a majority in parliament.)

Fact is, the guy hasn’t been elected for over ten years or more. Why risk giving him the satisfaction?

That’s my thinking tonight anyway. When I first heard them talking about pulling out I thought it was a terrible idea. Fact is, there is no way forward for that country that does not involve significant hardship and large numbers of people dying. Maybe the local countries’ pressure will make some difference? We can only hope.

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