PM Security Forces Disabled Out of Car Park

Technically, this isn’t the PM’s fault. It’s a very bad look however.

Clark’s security meant Elizabeth Winkworth was unable to park outside the Christchurch Town Hall to pick up her husband, Marshall Leaf, 81, after a performance by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra on Friday night last week.

The pick-up area outside the Town Hall was cordoned and two cars were waiting for Clark. When Winkworth tried to park nearby she was twice moved on by police.

She had to park about 200m away and help her husband to the car.

Rhema’s news at 2pm had a soundbite from the woman recalling how she was told to move on or be arrested. How lovely.

Yet another case of the PM appearing to trample the common man underfoot. At least she didn’t call them homicidal murderous drivers – I guess only parents get that sort of treatment.

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  1. Its more than a very bad look when you are made aware that the space was a disability parking space…

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