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National Caught!

No Right Turn has the evidence – National has to admit it now!!!!!

In the face of damaging leaks from the insurance industry, National has finally come clean and admitted it: if elected, they will privatise ACC again.

Oh wait, that’s been their policy since… they did it last time. Wasn’t that 1998? Perhaps it would be userful to tell us when this was not National policy? In fact, this is about the only policy that I can think of that National has been utterly consistent in defending and promoting right throughout their time in opposition.

The benefit to the New Zealand people? Higher premiums, worse coverage, and the erosion of entitlements. It’s clear then who John Key and the National Party are working for – and it isn’t us.

See that’s funny too because when it was last privatised, premiums were lower and we were hardly swamped by stories of people complaining of reduced coverage.

I guess next week we’re going to have some other shocking news… I’m guessing that it’ll be John Key’s secret policy on keeping the sky blue.

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  2. I am not going to vote for a party that’s going to privatize ACC.

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