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Yesterday, I blogged on No Right Turns post on ACC Privatising.

What he said:

In the face of damaging leaks from the insurance industry, National has finally come clean and admitted it: if elected, they will privatise ACC again.

I pointed out yesterday the stupidity of claiming that a 10 year old policy was a secret, but as facts have come out, there is another problem with that statement.

It’s a blatant lie.

The insurance industry is claiming that ACC the corporation will be privitised. National’s policy is that ACC the insurance will allow competition from the private sector. Two quite different things.

Now, the two terms are confusing. I was confused. But one thing is not confusing.

National didn’t do previously what the insurance industry was claiming. Under the previous privatisation, ACC still existed and covered workers outside of the workplace. So it’s very wrong to claim that they will do something “again”, or that they have “come clean” on a policy that has been public since it was last implemented in the 90’s. Now, I don’t really know which of those Idiot is claiming, but one is a lie, and the other is as good as.

The industry is made a claim based on “insider” information. Clearly, someone got their wires crossed on this one, and someone got the idea that a public policy was a private policy and meant something quite different. I guess the person who published that information will should have a rather red face about now.

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