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Dems Watch Fox

Heh, you often hear liberals complaining (falsely IMHO) about how christians criticise sex and violence on TV then watch it themselves. Seems like they’ve been caught with their own double standard.

They watch Fox.

In fact, according to a study by Mediamark Research, only 38 percent of Fox News viewers self-identified as conservative. In terms of sheer numbers, that means the non-conservative audience for Fox tops CNN’s total viewership.

The Fox haters never mention this survey. Maybe it’s too recent. Who wants findings from 2007 when you can have Mellman’s unsupported claims from 2004?

To be fair, we don’t have much detail about the MediaMark survey either. Luckily, there is an unimpeachable source that is universally recognized as legitimate. The Project for Excellence in Journalism issues its State of the Media report every year. In connection with the PEW Center they conduct scienctific surveys of news audiences using recognized methodology. Did their 2008 report find that the Fox audience is just a herd of “true believers” who are “overwhelmingly Republican”? Not exactly:

The largest share of its audience – 38% — were Republicans, followed by Democrats (31%) and independents (22%).

Interesting. That 38% figure tracks exactly with the MediaMark study. And at 53%, more Democrats and Independents watch Fox than do Republicans.

Interestingly, Fox News won praise from Democrats as the new channel with the most balanced coverage of the recent Democratic primary race.

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