Media on Iraq

Well, the media will not report on the good news from Iraq, but they will report on one of their own who’s been sleeping with a married federal contractor she met there.

Oh, she’s also having his baby.

NewsBusters identifies what’s going on and they don’t mince words.

Here is the problem with the news media. Dan Rather fell for it. Walter Cronkite was overcome by it. Each of these “journalists” imagined that they were the news, that their lives and opinions were just as important to the nation as the news upon which they reported.

Sure Logan is a slightly better than average looking newsbabe, but so what? Is her horsing around with a married man something that is important to the world? Is her slutting around with multiple partners during her time as a correspondent in Iraq something that we all have a hunger, a NEED to know?

I just don’t see it. I just don’t see how her loose moral choices could be a compelling story of any kind… unless it is as an object lesson against her actions. Even then. But, here is where we are in the media today. Instead of pursuing the news, instead of worrying about the integrity of the truth, we have “journalists” who want to be the story instead of just reporting on it.

So, while the news media is steadily and universally ignoring the good news in Iraq we DO get to see the story of the somewhat comely Logan and her romantic saga involving out of wedlock birth, multiple partners, and all the mess that entails.

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