More details on the Veitch assult

For whatever reason, the Veich story hadn’t really caught my attention.

Then I read this.

A source said Veitch threw Kristin Dunne-Powell down a flight of stairs, then kicked her as she lay on the ground.

She passed out, and the source, who did not want to be named, said Veitch left her at the bottom of the stairs for about six hours before picking her up and taking her to hospital.

To me, that’s right up there with putting a child in a dryer. It’ callous, heartless and deserving of utter contempt. The man has no place among decent people.

I should hope he gets at least 10 years for what he’s done. It’s astonishing that he thinks that a year of counseling and $150,000 compensation begins to cover this.

Update: It has been pointed out in comments that this is a rumour. It is, and should be treated as such.

We forget this too often in our outrage over the apparent buy-off here.

Let’s let the police sort it out. I don’t think I’ll be posting on the topic again.

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  1. You bastard, you are quoting hearsay,and making judgement on it, stop doing what the others are doing, trail by media and the uninformed.
    For your information i hate and detest any women bashers or child molesters.

    BUTTTTTT there is a right way, let the law take over and let his piers judge him on the true evidance.

    I feel very sure, he is man enough to take the punishment that justice would fairly dish out.

    Now butt out


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