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Iraq. Wow.

Michael Yon has a link to a Power Point presentation on some stats from Iraq.

The success of the surge is deeply impressive.

Click for larger size.

I take credit myself. Way back in 2006 I suggested ramping up troop numbers.

Well, it was heavily implied.

We can’t pull out – to do so would condemn the population of Iraq to death. It’s the weakest that will suffer most, it’s women’s freedoms that will go first.

I’ve changed my mind on Iraq. I used to believe that the US should stay the course, that they could and would fix the problem. That’s all still true, but I now believe we need to get all freedom loving countries together to pour support into that country. Do whatever it takes. We can’t let these people die.

Sadly, no other countries had the moral fortutitude to step in and help, so Bush did it on his own.

So like the “Little Red Hen”, he can take all the credit and eat all the cake. He deserves it.

Just send a slice to me please.


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