Life of Brian – Money

Just watching “Life of Brian”. He’s very open, joking a lot about things that most people would be hiding.

The attitude to money however, is appaling.

He can spend all he likes of his salarly on clothes and shoes, houses and parties, but the church should agree on what to pay him. But he controls the church.

Plus, he personally gets the “first fruits”. Disgusting.

They also had a clip of them talking about the offering, about what sort of money they want, about how this is their favourite part of the service. I bet.

Few people know that Tamaki is wealthy outside of his church activities due to his tourism interests, (and I doubt that’s going to be mentioned) but that is absolutely no excuse to take money and put it directly into ones own pocket. They tried to claim poverty by saying that they have a large mortgage. Sorry, buy a smaller house – what they have is a mansion.

I see he has 3 motorbikes in his garage. It’s great that he breaks the stereotypes, but 3 bikes?!?

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