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Wahoo, the race for the White House just hotted up.

Famous hothead Cynthia McKinney has been nominated for the US Green Party.

Yes, that’s the one who

  • decked a security guard after she breezed through a checkpoint without showing ID
  • tried to tell a TV station that they couldn’t publish comments she made when she didn’t turn her mike off when she called her assistant a fool.
  • Various supporters (including from memory, her Father) then blamed her primary election loss on “the Jews”

Yep, she’s a sho-win.

“In her address, Clemente, 36, vowed that she and McKinney would fight all “-isms and ideologies that divide us.” Clemente jokingly threw down a challenge to the nation’s sitting vice president: “Dick Cheney, bring it on.””

Some folks apparently are unaware Dick Cheney isn’t running for anything this year.


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