Hairy Armpit

Reading around the ‘sphere yesterday, I came across a feminist blog called the Hairy Armpit.

I’m not going to link to it.

The irony was that it was a post from Russel at Hard News where he refused to link to Whaleoil. Frankly, if you turned Cam into a women, feminist, cut of a leg or something to make him really mad then removed his remaining inhibitions and decency via a combination of “P” (Ice for you foreign looking types 😛 ) and acid then you’d get the Hairy Armpit.

Yes, I know most people think there is little enough decency on WOBH, but the vitriolic murderous hatred oozing from each and every post, not to mention sidebars makes even Mia (of “infanticide is a method of birth control” fame) looks positively saintly.

I considered that it might be a joke (Russel apparently thinks so) but it’s linked from the Hand Mirror. So I guess it must be real.

Update: Thanks for the links. I take Julie’s point that the Hand Mirror links to female, not feminist bloggers. But Lucyna points out that the blogger in question has taken this disgusting behavior to NZC.


  1. It’s definitely real. The blogger trolled our site a number of weeks back with really disgusting comments that were deleted as they appeared and also put out a YouTube clip attacking Ken Orr.

  2. I wouldn’t assume that just because we put it on our NZ women bloggers roll is definitively by a woman. Plus there are plenty of blogs on that blogroll that I don’t agree with, eg Lindsay Mitchell, Cactus Kate, but it is supposed to be a list of NZ women who are blogging, so I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and link them rather than not.

  3. But Julie, assuming she is a women, is that a good enough reason to link her?

    I’m sure a lot of moderate Islamic sites don’t feel obliged to link to Osama Bin Laden’s blog “just because he’s a Muslim”.

    And if OBL has a blog, I suspect it would be a little tamer than the Pits.

  4. ZT – Well, when you are trying to put together a blogroll that includes all the NZ women bloggers you can find, yes being a woman is a good enough reason. As far as I’m aware none of the blogs we have linked (which include some progressive male bloggers also) have masterminded a major terrorist plot to fly two planes into the World Trade Centre and kill thousands of people, but if anyone does I guess we’d review our link. You do what you want with your blogroll and we’ll do what we want with ours.

    scrubone – Not sure what that “but” is doing there in your update to the post. Actually this blogger trolled The Hand Mirror a few weeks back, we got a massive influx of very abusive comments from this person, which were deleted and I turned comment moderation on for a while. Eventually they stopped and things have been pretty normal since. From what I’ve noticed around the traps this troll has been reasonably indiscriminate about abusive comments – including both left and right blogs in their attacks. However they do seem to have gone to sleep wince early July, personally I’m hoping that all this discussion doesn’t wake them up.

  5. Of course you can do want you want with your blog roll, Julie.

    I was just clarifying how high the hurdle was. You are so right, Hairy is not suspected of masterminding a terrorist plot. I think so far she’s just stuck to abuse and death threats.

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