Ok, now I’m confused

Dave points out that The Green have issued a press release “Dear Helen, please listen to the parents – Greens”.

I thought that parents were all horrible child abuser people who beat their children to just within the bounds of the definition of “reasonable force” on a regular basis without mercy or compassion.

Now it turns out they’re the source of all knowledge. (Actually, they’re wrong but that’s another post)

So what gives?

(Ok, so I can’t be bothered with another post. Think about it this way: how powerful do you think a single Auckland cell tower would have to be to get good coverage at the edges of town? Clearly those near it would fry. We’re actually much better off with towers everywhere, because every one would be on the “low” power setting – no one would get more than the lowest possible amount of radiation while still maintaining coverage. The more the better.)

More: Bob has also had his say:

“They can’t ignore the views of parents on how they want to raise their kids legally and reasonably, yet demand that parents be heard on other issues.”

“The Greens need to respect the important role of parents on all issues – not just those that they agree with them on,”says Mr McCoskrie.

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