Police Enforce Law

Well, here’s an origial story – Police actually enforcing the law when it’s been flagrantly broken.

Apparently the idiots who hate the law also hate law enforcement.

Police are making no apologies for using undercover officers on the University of Otago campus and say they will continue doing so.

Posters with pictures of plain-clothed officers working on campus and labelled “Narks in our Class?” and “Narkiology 101. How to spot a nark” appeared around the university on Monday.

One poster shows plain-clothed officers involved in the recent arrest of three people at a National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Norml) stand at a Otago University Students Association market day.

The other shows plain-clothed officers at a regular protest “smoke-up” on campus.

Gee, they have a regular, public law breaking session. I guess that might have tipped the police off somehow. Hm, I wonder what sort of person would attend such an event?

Police were running an operation to stop offences against the Misuse of Drugs Act on the university campus and, to date, as a result, had issued nine trespass notices to non-students and three to people enrolled at the university.

Those trespassers included known drug dealers, gang members or associates and one secondary school pupil.

Well, sounds like the “protests” were attracting the best people.

Insp Campbell said trespass notices were issued by police acting as an agent of the university.

The 12 people issued with trespass notices had a total of 26 charges pending before the courts for a variety of drug and other offences.

Just a few minor charges then?

Loved this quote.

He said the posters had probably been put together because students felt uncomfortable being under surveillance on campus.

Clearly he doesn’t get it that some students might be even more uncomfortable having regular “protest” at which students flout the law and attract drug dealers and gang members.

Campuses are meant to be a safe environment. Clearly there are tow very different ideas of “safe” here.

Update: Home Paddock reports this is nothing new.

There’s nothing new about undercover cops on campus – a friend flatted with one when I was a student more than 30 years ago. He was doing a fulltime course and made no secret of the fact he was being paid while doing it and so was still a policeman.


  1. You are obviously and idiot a cop or both. Neither would suprise me. I’m so sorry not everyone agrees with your ideas on free speech cause I’m sure to you these things make no difference. Freedom, wow what is that I guess you would not know. Get a life and stop being the lap dog for the police, it really is just sad.

  2. The police serve the public.

    I’m a member of the public.

    The police work for me, and it’s nice to see them arresting criminals for once.

    The fact that those criminals were attempting to abuse their freedom of speech rights to commit what is clearly a crime has nothing to do with the fact that they were committing crime.

    Get off the drugs – they destroy your mind.

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