National Confirms it will keep policy secret if released before election campaign

One thing I am constantly amazed about the left, is how often they twist quite innocuous things to “confirm” their conspiracy theories. Take this example.

…But while Key denies having any secret agenda, he then goes on to say this:

But Mr Key said National’s spending plans were finalised and “the numbers stack up perfectly”. The bulk of health and education policy would also be released during the campaign, he said.

“The bulk”. Not all, just most. So National is not going to tell us all of what it plans to do, even during the election campaign.No doubt Key will claim he “misspoke”. Then he’ll threaten some journalists and refuse to answer questions, just like he did last time. But the fact remains: he’s just admitted National has a secret agenda for health and education. And I for one would like to know what it is before I vote, so our democracy can make an informed choice.

The bulk will be released during the campaign. National are releasing policy now, so all John Key is saying is that the large chunk that’s not released now will be during the campaign.

But to those so eager to “prove” that National has a secret policy agenda, any excuse will do I suppose.

Oh, and the link he provides has not the slightest reference to journalists being threatened. Another figment of the imagination of the left. In fact, Key was quoted quite out of context, and National were able to provide several identical “misspoken” quotes from Labour.

But that’s the way on the left. All emotion and hot air with very little fact if any.

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  1. I’m not sure what you all are up to? Firstly I do not know of a political party that hasn’t got a secret agenda. Secondly National must of done a complete turn around from the the era of Brash for PM if there are now no secrets.

    We are here dealing with the wealth of the nation when we talk on economic policy… so any changes in policy can only mean that some will be more advantaged or disadvantaged as a result of political policy changes… I’m yet to see the situation where all benefit.

    So you all are just bullshitting each other and us the mug punters that end up paying for the changes… and if Key’s Nationals get the key to the Treasury I can’t see business moaning of their disadvantage… no it will be the mug punter that’s all ready forgotten the Brash for PM push and the shady deals and characters hanging about in the background with their cheque-books and helicopters at the ready.

    But you you dunderhead have forgotten this also or are you also misrepresenting the political shenanigans?

    Have a nice and truthful day, greg

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