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EFA – As predicted

One of the biggest concerns from this side of the political spectrum was that the EFA would only constrain those who respected the law – that is to say, the right. This is due to our observation that traditionally, left wing protests aren’t too fused on obeying the rules.

Well, we were right. While even PowerPoint slides at the National Party conference had home address authorization, these guys were blatantly flouting the law written by their own party.

Labour Party stooges have broken the Electoral Finance Act by staging protest outside the National Party conference wearing mocked up rosettes that illegally display the National Party logo without permission or authorisation.

Front and centre amongst the protestors was Labour Party stalwart Sonny Thomas and surprise, surprise Labour party funded blogger Steve Pierson aka Clinton Smith. A complaint has been forwarded to the Electoral Commission.

What’s the bet that these clowns spent hours defending Labour’s actions in creating and passing this law, knowing all the while that they would ignore it when it suited them?

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