Who do the crowds come out for?

Next time you hear someone tell you about the 200,000 crowd that Obama pulled you can not only point out that there were only 20,000, not only that there were popular bands in appearance, but you can also point out to this appearance by Bush which to my knowledge had no backing bands whatsoever.

Amy directs our attention to The Korea Times report that revealed that 374 “conservative groups” intended to “stage a large-scale demonstration welcoming Bush, at Seoul Plaza,” and boy did they ever come through. It turns out, the anti-Bush protesters were only able to muster a could of hundred protesters while the pro-Bush rally saw 15,000 Koreans turn out to participate.

So what did the media report?

(Have a guess)

Yep, they reported that the demonstrations were smaller than expected.

But, true to fashion, the western media did its level best report only the bad. On August 5, at 6:07am EDT, Reuters first tried to report the President’s visit with this headline: Bush arrives in Seoul, faces large anti-US protest. But once the truth started coming out, Reuters tried to cover its obvious mistake with this later headline: Bush arrives in Seoul, anti-U.S. protest fizzles.

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