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The Chinese government is not letting the Olympics, or the presence of President Bush get in the way of their ongoing persecution of the Chinese church.

This morning, Brother Hua Huiqi successfully got rid of the police placed on his surveillance and met with his brother Hua Huilin.  Then, they rode bikes and were bound for Kuanjie Church.  At a place about 1.5 kilometers from the church, they were arrested by the police.Ingenious arrangements are being made at TSPM’s Kuanjie Church established by the government to welcome the visit of US President Bush on August 10.High-ranking officials from the Public Security Bureau, Bureau of Security, Bureau of Religion and TSPM/China Christian Council met at Kuanjie Church established by the government and there, they made ingenious arrangements for the visit of US President Bush on August 10.

They won’t give the ordinary believers of the church a chance to meet President Bush or overseas media.  They will also drive the ordinary believers out of the church before and after President Bush’s visit. Informed sources have disclosed that a red slip of procedure for the worship ceremony is a mark for their identification.  The red slips have been distributed before noon today.  Most people President Bush and the overseas media will meet in the church are security people, political workers and people trained by them to pose as believers. An old believer who was baptized at Kuanjie Church nearly 20 years ago complained: “Whether you are a believer or not, no one is allowed to enter the church.  When President Bush comes tomorrow, where can we do our Sunday service?”  Another believer who lives nearby Kuanjie Church joked: “President Bush is coming to preach the Gospel to those who don’t believe in the Lord (referring to those police officers and officials).  We are already believers, so we certainly don’t have to come here tomorrow.”


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