Fake Gymnastic Competitors

There’s a minimum age for competitors in Gymnastics of 16. This is intended to prevent children from being pushed into competition before they have matured properly.

However, younger competitors are usually more flexible and have an advantage.

The ABC looks at how China’s team are rather young looking 16 year olds. It looks like because the government is part of the conspiracy, nothing can be done.

Anything to boost the national image, even tarnishing that same image through cheating apparently, not to mention lip syncing, and fake church services.



  1. I thought this fact must be mistaken, because it those girls do not look like they are even teenagers. Actually, that goes for some non-Chinese competitors too.

    Point in fact about the age though (now that I’ve researched) you only need to be 15 to compete, providing you turn 16 by Dec 31st of the year of the Olympics.

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