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ZenTiger points out that pornstars riding topless down a public street is legal, playinb “Bob the Builder” at 6:30 is not.

It’s all about the freedoms you see.

The ODT points out somethign that seems to have been forgotten.

A decade ago, one of our finest jurists, Sir Michael Hardie-Boys, delivered another kind of benchmark whose core message remains just as valid today.

He suggested some basic strategies to halt our headlong drift into a state where compassion is absent, virtue non-existent, truth invisible, and the authority of reason forgotten.

We need to teach again the basic rules of life, he warned, “so that the influences of upbringing, or home, school and social environment, are wholesome and positive, directing us from early childhood on, towards, and not away from, those essential attitudes of personal, family and social responsibility.”

The banality of the Auckland street parade and its shabby endorsement represents an aspect of human nature where curiosity is able to be detached from reality, where onlookers can simultaneously be involved and uninvolved, their moral reasoning suspended.

It is true that it is within each individual’s power to avoid such events, ignore “reality” television, not buy obscene computer games or view pornographic films.

That, however, is hardly the core issue, which is nothing to do with how we portray each other, or judge each other, but how we view ourselves.

HT: Homepaddock.

Oh, and one last thing. While I would generally support the parade that proceeded the porn, feminists will be feminists.

Heiko Jonkers of Milford Beach writes: “To the European/Pakeha woman protester at today’s Boobs on Bikes Parade who wandered down the street seeking out every brown-skinned and Asian male she could find, hissing at each one, ‘Do you like staring at white girls’ titties, do you?’ Congratulations on undermining the otherwise dignified human rights protest your team was making by being a blatant racist. You confirm that New Zealand need not worry over a little nudity once a year, but ugly racism every day is by far a bigger problem.”

Once again feminists loose sight the big picture…

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  1. To be fair, some feminists do not speak for all feminists.

    Paying attention to obvious idiots is only to suggest there is no need to pay attention to the genuine, reasoned commentary that shows up Boobs on Bikes for the tawdry event it really is.

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