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Malkin Threatened

This is very serious. While NRT’s recent claims that the right are responsible for deaths linked recently to an essay which contained little fact and less quotes, all we on the right have to do is point to this video next time the topic comes up.

The tone of the protest changes partway in – don’t be fooled by the funny and lighthearted opening, when the protest doesn’t go anywhere, one idiot starts yelling at Malkin and others call for her death.

I never realised how short she is, which makes her courage in the fact of what are explicit death threats just that bit more impressive. Mind you, this is not actually that unusual for her – she is often the target of the worst sort of racist and misogynistic attacks from those who disagree with her politics.

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  1. Peace and love liberal left protesters shout “Kill Michelle Malkin”. Not a good look.

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