McCain is a Genius

The more I hear and think about McCain’s choice of VP, Sarah Palin,  the more I am convinced that the man is a political geniuses.

  • She’s a woman, so the minority appeal is there to counter Obama
  • After the Democratic convention, a lot of women who were threatening to vote McCain now have a serious challenge to the call to unity that occurred during the convention. I mean, do all those feminists really want to vote for an all-male ticket?
  • She’s from Alaska, a strong Republican state so that shores up many conservatives
  • She has oodles of real life experience, including 5 children one of whom has special needs. That’s going to be a fantastic pull on disabled voters, having someone who knows their issues like that in the White House
  • It completely spikes the “McCain is old” arguement, as his replacement is a women, the Women vote is actually going to get stronger the more the Democrats argue that point!
  • Arguably the best presidents come from governorships, where there is experience in managing, as opposed to the Senate, where the experience is only in making laws. This make the Republican ticket the only ticket with actual governing experience.
  • Like McCain, she has strong ethical credential having blown the whistle on fellow party members. This while Obama is trying to shut down opponents who point out that he’s best mates with an unrepentant terrorist.

Oh, and try finding a picture of Obama with an injured solder. All you find is stories about how he blew off the troops.

Love it!


Mulholland Drive quote:

And you know that he’s made the right choice when the Guardian is freaking out about it, and has to resort to the lie that she was “tainted by corruption in Alaska” when she was the one who was fighting it!

Pretty desperate stuff.


  1. Uuuuuum yeah …whatever…

    ovaries – check
    relationship to people with special needs- check

    uuuuuum….hates everything I have ever cared about…


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