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Palin’s “Scandal”

Outside her limited experience as Governor (while Obama going for president has no experience governing) Palin’s biggest drawback is a scandal to do with a state trooper.

I was interested to read this via TBR, showing that this scandal actually makes Palin look even better.

The biggest cloud on the horizon is an Alaskan ethics investigation into allegations that, as Governor, she, her husband and her aides, pressured and ultimately fired Walter Monegan, the public safety commissioner, for not sacking her brother-in-law, an Alaskan state trooper involved in an ugly divorce with Mrs Palin’s sister.

The bipartisan investigation by the Alaskan state legislature, which is known locally as “Troopergate”, was launched last month when Mr Monegan, after he was fired, alleged publicly that he had been sacked for refusing to fire Mike Wooten, Mrs Palin’s brother-in-law, and after months of pressure by the Palin camp.

After complaints by the Palin family in 2005 Mr Wooten was suspended briefly for shooting a moose illegally, and using a Taser gun on his 10-year-old stepson.

The Palins also accused him of threatening to kill Mrs Palin’s father. After Mrs Palin took office in January 2007 her husband, Todd, went to Mr Monegan with a dossier on Mr Wooten put together by a private detective.

Hm, so she kicked up a stink after some one who was divorcing her sister wasn’t fired after he tazed a 10 year old.

Frankly, I don’t care if he married and divorced all of her sisters, no cop should keep his job if he’s going to go around zaping children with one of those things. They’re intended for adults. If a cop can’t keep a 10 year old in line without electrocuting them, he shoudn’t be on the force.

Comment from TBR:

Ministers only overstep the mark in cover-ups and unethical decisions. They look the other way from clear instances of injustice, because the rules say they can’t or their leader has told them not to, even if it contradicts their own ideals/philosophy. They never stick their neck out for what is right from a common man perspective.

How refreshing then that Sarah Palin exercised common sense – and made a tough call for the good of the common man. She wasn’t engaged in a cover-up. She wasn’t engaged in denying common sense in favour of blind adherence to rules. The exception she made was correctly made. That type of thinking will either slowly be beaten out of her, or her term in politics will be very short. The chances of her establishing a cultural shift is unlikely.


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