Left Reverses Feminism over Palin

This paragraph in NewsBusters today (who’re excelling themselves in their output – mind, they have plenty of material) really summed up the Palin situation for me.

Everything old is new again. Women should no longer seek a family and dare to dream about becoming President, or Vice President for that matter. It is time to rediscover your place. Suddenly that place is back in the kitchen. Welcome to the new progressive media narrative.

Why do the say that? Well, because feminists are trying to imply that she’s a bad monther and shouldn’t be running for VP. Things like this

How can she reconcile such a high-profile job as “veep” – a “heartbeat” away from leadership of the free world and all that – with bringing up five children, the oldest of whom is about to serve in Iraq and the youngest of whom is just five months old and has Down’s Syndrome?

Disgusting. When a conservative walks up and agrees with them, they reverse their stance. They’ll pull down all those years of feminist supposed progress just to get at their political opponent.

And they call us hateful!

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