Elected OUSA President Thrown Out – Owned Computer

Jo Moore ran for OUSA president this year as an outsider. She won.

Her election has now been overturned, and politics as usual can now resume – phew!
Otago University Students Association president-elect Jo Moore was “gutted” and experienced a “huge shock” when told yesterday she had been disqualified for the 2009 association presidency.

Miss Moore said last night she was seeking legal advice to challenge and overturn the disqualification process, which she said had denied her natural justice by not giving her a chance to respond to complaints.

The decision also did not reflect the views of voters at the recent association election, she said.

OUSA president Simon Wilson yesterday confirmed that, after an appeal, Miss Moore had been disqualified.

I have seen this with my own eyes – the “in” candidates can do what they like, with no repercussions, but if you’re on the outer, you must be squeaky clean or the rules will be applied in the harshest way possible.

Ms Moore’s “offense”? Having a computer in her home, and getting people to vote for her on it. She’s supposed to maintain a 20m distance you see.

Never mind that I’ve seen people manning polling booths who earlier had been asking pointed questions at candidate forums, or that I know someone who heard another telling potential voters “we strongly suggest you vote, and we strongly suggest you vote for x” – x being the inside candidate.

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