Losing the War – at the behest of the left

Sometimes one just has to shake one’s head.

Last week’s massive operation by Nato forces to move a dam turbine 100 miles across Helmand was reportedly brought forward at Washington’s insistence to help John McCain’s candidacy. It cost some 300 Afghan lives. Every one of those lives invites revenge against that dam.

Now, it’s potentially true that some recruits are gained to the enmy when innocents are killed.

One has to wonder why this is always a one way street though. Given these radicals have much, much less respect for human life than the NATO forces why exactly would their sympathies not lie with them? In fact, that’s precicely what we have been seeing in Iraq.

The quote then goes on to talk about how solders would rather call on air support than walk into a potential firefight.

Now, remind me please. Who is it that is emphasizing each and every individual American solder who dies in the war? Is it the right, or the left? I guess we should have just offered the Taliban tea or something, and they’d have rolled over and given up.

No, if they didn’t want wedding parties bombed by accident then they shouldn’t have harboured a terrorist who killed innocent people on purpose, and continues to do so.

We didn’t start this war, but we’re going to do our best on our part to make sure innocent people do not get killed as we finish it.

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