Watching Privileges Committee

Watching Privileges Committee on TV3.

Peters looked defeated, but he may be warming up now.

Now he’s claiming that because the money didn’t go into his personal account, it wasn’t a payment to him.

If I understand correctly, he’s now claiming that Glenn is changing his story after the fact.

He admits a call on 14 Dec 2005, but says Glenn calls him. Still claims he only found out on 18th July. Claims money never discussed. He’s got phone records he says prove his story, that no phone call was made by him.

He is now making claims that Glenn wanted to be like Mike Moore with a diplomatic passport.

He’s now claiming that Glenn’s clarifications are reversals, and that he’s been coached by his lawyer, who Winston is tying to the winebox, and is acting pro-bono.

He’s claiming that Glenn’s office looses or gains efficiency according to what Glenn is trying to prove.

He’s claiming “the dog that didn’t bark” defense in that records don’t exist.

Update: No conclusion tonight!?! For Pete’s sake, chuck the guy in jail already.

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  1. He gave a poor performance and was far from convincing.

    The committee has to choose between Glenn’s word backed up by witnesses and paper work or Peters’ word backed up by his word.

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