I was right – It’s too late to prevent climate change

I have been proven right – I previously pointed out that the rate of Arctic ice melt suggested that we were not even close to avoiding climate change, and no lesser a leftist authority than Robert Fisk agrees.

Forecasts had projected a complete loss of ocean ice during summer months by 2040, but evidence now suggested that could happened as soon as 2013.

“There’s a sense of suppressed panic in the relevant scientific community now. Things are moving considerably faster than their models predicted,” he said.

Mr Dyer believed international efforts to cut emissions were unlikely to succeed in time to prevent average temperatures increasing by 2degC – a threshhold beyond which climate change could spiral out of control.

Not a very flattering photo either.

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  1. It’s sad but I would suggest on everybody leaving in Netherlands to find another place to call home. The water is coming…

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