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I noticed this on Patterico. Basically, a Democrat governor boasted in a speech that they had the police use stand-over tactics to drive away Republican poll monitors.

Gosh, such nice guys those Democrats.

They reached in their pocket, showed them their drivers license showin’ that they come from Rhode Island or Texas or some damn place, and then they said to ‘em, “um, people matching your description *laughter* have been reported as having stolen a pick-up about 30 miles…*laughter* *applause* we only have on jail here and we don’t have a phone here and we already got 11 people in it *mumbled* sometimes it takes 2 or 3 days to work these things out. So either come with us in the backseat of our car or you can both get in the front seat of your car and we’ll lead you off this reservation, and if we never see you again, you won’t go to jail.” We didn’t lose one single vote in there. *applause*

The Attorney General of Montana doesn’t feel like investigating this – you see, the governor was just joking.

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