Key must take Responsibility

DPF has compiled a list of what Key has failed to take responsibility for, after Cullen quite rightly pointed out his role in the current crisis.

  • Why is Key so silent on that day in Dallas on the grassy knoll and what was he up to in Sarajevo in 1914?
  • You forgot the one about disabling the warning signal at Tangiwai.
  • John Key has been known to mix formula milk at home, and must have something to do with the latest, ‘China Syndrome
  • He will certainly make all State Housing Clients homeless
  • Ordering the My Lai massacre
  • Financing Osama BinLaden whilst at Merrill Lynch
  • Arranging the transfer of the Nazis gold bullion and art treasures
  • I have it on good authority that one of the reincarnations [of John Key] was of a close relative of Genghis Khan
  • He probably poisoned the AB’s before the WC final too. Rich Prick.
  • John Key will SELL the hospitals to his cronies at Merrill Lynch
  • Since John Key is personally responsible for global finacial melt-down having worked at ML, on the same logic surely he must also be responsible for violence in South Auckland (having visited there), foreshore treaty claims (for owning a beach house), conning Cullen into paying too much for the train set (as a ML shareholder), theft of medals from Waiouru (didn’t he drive through there once), milk contamination in China (having met with Andrew Ferrier)
  • Members of the Manson cult are also known to have celebrated John Key’s 8th birthday by slaughtering Sharon Tate and others
  • Breaking news: John Key named in apple/Eve enticement scandle!
  • It is a little known fact that Key was the designer of the Titanic, apparently he was also the man who loaded the flight plan into the computer of the ill fated DC10 Erebus flight.
  • John Key was also seen leaving Cape Canaveral prior to the launch of Challenger, with an o-ring hanging out of his briefcase.
  • And the letters in NATIONAL MP JOHN KEY can be rearranged to spell KLEPTOMANIA JOHNNY. No wonder this election is about trust…


  1. Lol. Seriously, though, he is guilty of the following:

    1. Planning to become PM through expressing a false desire to implement ‘Labour lite’ policies, whilst actually planning on sticking to the traditional hard-core crony capitalism theology of the National Party. (Deceiver of the masses)

    2. Manipulating money at Merrill Lynch, thus amassing for himself a fortune estimated at NZ$50million, primarily from an international powerhouse (ML) that is now in deep shit.
    (Smiling assassin)

    3. Allegedly, he is now in the middle of manipulating the New Zealand political landscape for the benefit of himself and his cronies from the high-stakes financial world. He intends to sell off many assets, not for the long-term well-being of the majority, but because he is not only a ‘slippery snake’, but also a worm.

    P.S: On friendly terms with such notable families as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, how can we be sure that his policies on things such as finance, energy, education, welfare, etc, will not be affected by those (and various other) such acquaintances?

  2. Lost you after “seriously, though”.

    If you want real conspiracy, there have been close to irrefutable connections that Helen Clark and Dr Cullen are associated in some way, and that both regularly meet with Mike Williams. Further links between the three all connect them to Heather Simpson.

    If that’s not enough, Clark has been caught in meetings with a certain JF and RN.

    I personally suspect the entire mob are closely connected with a certain Benson-Pope and a Mr Mallard.

    There are other names I could name, but surely this alone blows Clark’s credibility out of the H20?

  3. Neither of them are credible.

    Also, if you want real conspiracy, why don’t you take a look at my comment that I posted on another thread about how certain influential people are making the global economy decline heavily in order for China to profit through its free trade agreements with westernized countries?

    I posted it yesterday, actually. It was information given to me by an influential friend of mine. And today, less than 24 hours after my post, we have a nation-wide breaking news story about the possibility (probability) of NZ and the US having a free trade agreement, thus creating a triangle of agreements between the countries of NZ, US, and China 😦

    The previous stable western countries, such as (you guessed it) NZ and US are being sacrificed in order to boost self-centred China, which has been destined for many years now to become the wealthiest country in the world.

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