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Some people just don’t get it.

…But worse, they object to a clause which imposes a positive duty on medical practioners to save the life of the mother by performaing abortions in an actual emergency, regardless of any belief they have to the contrary. According to the Catholic Church, women in these circumstances should simply be left to die….

I respect the freedom of conscience of Catholic doctors to refuse to perform abortions, but at the same time the wishes of the patient are paramount. The requirement to make an effective referral is a good compromise on this issue. As for refusing to save lives in an emergency, this is simply depraved indifference, tantamount to murder, and if Catholic doctors are unable to perform their duties, they simply have no business practicing medicine.

Why do christian doctors (not just Catholics) refuse to perform abortions? Beacuse it’s murder. That’s their belief.

Let’s say someone comes to you and asks you to kill their wife. You refuse, because you blelieve murder is wrong. Why would it be any less outside your ethics to tell that person where to go to undertake this henous crime?

What if in some twisted fate two people had become entangled and the one who was concious told the doctor to kill the unconcious one to save his life. Does that seem ethical to you?

Well, it might. But some doctors would say that it is not.

One’s is something one has to live with for life. Doctors have difficult decisions to make at times, and it should not be up to the state to force people into taking lives over the conscience of those that have to do it. A doctor who is presented with an emergency has to make a decision that he will live with for the rest of his life, I for one would rather not prejudge such situations.

But it appears that respect for the belief’s of others only goes so far as convienience for some.

Many Catholics believe the bill is hypocritical, saying that after years of non-Catholics complaining that the church was trying to impose its conscience on society, the Government is trying to impose on the conscience of Catholics.

That’s liberal tollerance for you.

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  1. Excellent post.

  2. Y. Michaine said:

    How come you anti-choice types can’t get it through your head that early term abortions aren’t killing a child. That little dime-sized roughly-human-shaped fetus does not have a developed nervous system or any kind of self-awareness. You might as well say that ejaculation is murder because of the millions of potentially viable sperm cells that die without fertilizing an egg. Or that a woman having a period is murder, for that matter.

  3. You really don’t get the point of this post, do you?

    Life begins at conception.

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