The Standard, John Key and the Dog that Does Not Bark

I realised something in the last few days.

I’ve been reading The Standard, and once you muscle past the bile… actually there’s only bile.

But I believe they have something of a point about John Key – he should have done a lot better managing his conflicts of interest with Tranz Rail.

There is post after post trying to establish wrongdoing, but what I haven’t seen on those posts is what should be done with Key. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t anywhere see calls for Key to resign.

Pretty obvious why – if you’re party refuses to do something about a corrupt minister, how can you ask for someone who was careless with their conflicts, but is otherwise squeaky clean, to resign. You can’t. Neither can a party leader who deliberately stole near to a million dollars from the public to fun an election campaign to stay in government demand integrity on what is a smaller matter by an order of magnitude from her opponent.

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