Green Racism

Frogblog isn’t racist, oh no.

For me the issue is not that the food is Chinese.  I’m sure Chinese food is as safe as food in many other parts of the world.  In fact, after having read a bundle of books recently about industrially farmed and manufactured food in the United States, I’m now more worried about what that potential trade agreement holds for our supermarket shelves.  The real issue is one of food security, food sovereignty and the right to know what we are eating and where it is from. It’s embarrassing that we are signing trade agreements that actively undermine our own consumer rights to determine what we eat.

That’s right. Frog’s concern is not that the food is chinese, but that he is forced – forced – to buy it.

Yea right. I suppose they’re “forcing” you to go to Pack & Save too, forcing you to stay away from farmer’s markets and your own garden in your backyard.

Nope, we’re not being forced to buy anything, go anywhere or eat anything. We (meaning the world outside the Green Party) purchase what we decide we can afford. For some of us, that means we purchase the cheapest produce, for others it means we go and grow it, and for others it means we are choosy about our supplier.

Those of us that want to go and research what food comes from where and how dangerous that is, and those who figure that their time would be better spent on other things do not.

In fact, the only one wanting to force New Zealanders to eat or not is… The Green party. Lucky we dodged that latest bullet, but I’m sure you’ll never give up until Joe Public tosses you out on your collective (heh) arses.

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